Monday, 19 December 2011

False Flush teeth...

Severn Trent Water has posted pictures of nine sets of false teeth on their website in an attempt to reunite them with their previous owners. Recovered from a sewage processing site in Shrewsbury, it seems unlikely that many will apply to reclaim them - but Severn Trent is hoping that some people out there will email in and 'nominate their gnashers'.

Unusual suspects: Erroneously discarded dentures (Photo courtesy of Severn Trent Water)
This unusual festive campaign is part of a drive to stop and make people think about what they discard down sinks and toilets. False teeth are just one of the inappropriate objects found in the sewage system which run the risk of blocking drains and causing flooding. Severn Trent spend over £10 million every year cleaning sewers and clearing blockages - but by showcasing these dentures, they're hoping to raise awareness of the issue - finally getting to the root of the problem!

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