Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wearing your teeth on your sleeve?

One thing I have noticed in the last few years of my self-imposed tooth obsession, is how often teeth get used for art and decoration. On this occasion, it is the glitter encrusted pop princess Ke$ha, famous for brushing her gold plated gnashers with Jack Daniels, who is re-appropriating teeth.

Last year the 25 year old singer put out a Twitter based request for each of her three million fans to send her some of their unwanted teeth and even provided a PO Box for them to do so. As is the way of crazed fans, she received thousands of teeth in the mail.

And the reason? Frivolous accessories, of course! Ke$ha made the donated teeth into a bra-top, a headdress, necklaces and earrings. According to this interview with MTV she's even worn the outfit out, proving that not only are teeth essential to human health and wellbeing, but they're fashionable too.

Ke$ha's dentists get angry when she continues to ignore their advice to
stop using alcohol to brush her teeth and to start using a fluoride toothpaste.